What makes King Ramses II so important?

Ramese II was one of the greatest pharaohs of ancient Egypt. He ruled Egypt about 67 years (1279–1213 BC). He was honored by the later Egyptian pharaohs who tried to imitate his actions and follow him especially in his buildings when they modeled their temples after the temples of Ramses II.

He is a son of a pharaoh (Seti I) and a father of a pharaoh (Merenptah) plus many more children. He was a consort of more than 100 wives. He was a great builder and a magnificent warrior, who singed the 1st documented peace treaty in history with the Hittites.

He constructed the phenomenal temples of Abu Simbel, Beit El-Wali, Wadi Es-Seboua, Ramesseum Temple, City of Pr-Re-Msu, his tomb at the Valley of the Kings, beautiful tomb for his beloved wife Nefertari at the Valley of the Queens, Memphis Temple and his temple in Abydos, close to his father’s temple.

He added to Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple and his father’s temple in Abydos.

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