Weather & Climate in Egypt in Summer & Winter

Although Egypt is a year-round vacation destination, the summer months in Upper Egypt’s “Luxor and Aswan” are extremely hot. Christmas and Easter are two of the busiest travel seasons to Egypt. Winter, from September to April, is the greatest time to go.
Egypt welcomes visitors all year long. The best season for excursions into nature and sightseeing is winter. The beachfront hotel is accessible all year round. Prepare for the heat by travelling to Egypt in the summer, when prices are lower.

Winter in Egypt

From November to February, when temperatures are pleasant, is Egypt’s peak travel season. Southern Egypt Like Luxor and Aswan are still warm at this time of year, and beach destinations like Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh are open, allowing visitors to escape the winter and take advantage of the mild weather at home.

Summer in Egypt

The summer months in Egypt are quite hot, but the south is particularly humid, with daytime highs in Luxor and Aswan routinely exceeding 45 degrees Celsius. Although Cairo and the rest of Egypt are not particularly hot, May through September sees the highest temperatures. It can be difficult to go sightseeing at this time of year, but with some advance planning, you can benefit from excellent savings. Plan your tour for early in the morning and late in the afternoon, or just relax by the hotel pool the entire day.

When is Abu Simbel temple Sun Festival?

While Aswan is a short drive from the temple, the majority of tourists actually fly into Abu Simbel. It takes visitors about 2 hours to reach the temple because there are only two daily flights from Aswan and the journey from Aswan is only 30 minutes long. He honours the achievements of the ancient Egyptians twice a year. Every year, on February 22 and October 22, when the sun enters the temple’s deepest recesses, the Festival of the Sun is celebrated. This flawless fusion of human knowledge and natural events is celebrated by thousands of people.

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