Qaitbay Citadel in Alexandria

This stunning castle was constructed in the fourteenth century by Sultan Qaitbay to defend Alexandria from Ottoman incursions. Since the Ottomans took over Egypt in 1512, his efforts have been in futile, but the stronghold still stands and is strategically situated on a small stretch of land that runs from the Corniche to Alexandria’s harbor.

The fortress wasn’t always in its current configuration. At the turn of the 20th century, it was reconstructed after suffering severe damage from the British bombardment of Alexandria during the nationalist rebellion against British hegemony in 1882.



The structure itself isn’t the most significant aspect of this location, as is typical with most things in Alexandria. Here, I erected a fort. It’s possible that the great tower that originally stood here is what provided the largest stones for the entrance lintels and doors of the citadel as well as the red granite columns of the mosque inside its walls.

The fort’s military purpose has long since been disregarded. Visit the interior of the fort, which is now a small naval museum, and try to visualise the gigantic building that once stood on its foundations.

Families and fisherman enjoy visiting the peninsula that leads to the fortress. The cafés, ice cream shops, and sea vistas along the path to the fort are frequently crowded with happy people.

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