Philae Temple

Philae Temple one of the most picturesque temple complexes in all of Egypt is this lovely one. You must take a water taxi to the island of Aglika In Aswan, which is just south of the old Aswan Dam, to get to the ruins. After the High Dam was built, threatening to permanently submerge the temple, it was moved to its current location.

The complex’s original design and layout were painstakingly preserved during the careful reconstruction at the current location, which even included landscaping the island to match its former location.

As the epicenter of the goddess Isis’ cult, Philae gained fame during the Ptolemaic Dynasty. After Christianity arrived in Egypt, this complex was actually one of the last places where the ancient religion persisted; it was formally closed in 550 AD. The island’s primary temple was then converted into a church by early Christians.

Since these Christians frequently attempted to remove the pagan imagery from their newly claimed sanctuaries, this is the cause of the defacing of some of the statues of the ancient gods. The main attraction in this area is the Temple of Isis, but the island also has a number of other smaller temples that are worth exploring.


Every significant Egyptian ancient site has a sound and light show, but Philae Temple’s in Aswan is generally regarded as the most impressive of these frequently exaggerated events. It is difficult to adequately describe the atmosphere of the island’s ruins illuminated by floodlights, but it is unquestionably a recommended way to spend an evening.

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Philae temple

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