Madinet Habu

Madinet Habu is situated in Luxor, about 6 km from Valley of the Kings. It was built by king Ramsess III in the 20th dynasty.

It is considered one of the largest fortified Pharaonic funerary temples in the New Kingdom of the Pharaonic civilization. Temple area = 320 * 220 meters. The height of the outer wall of the temple = 18 meters.

Medinet Habu Temple is properly the memorial temple of the Ancient Egyptian pharaoh Ramses III. This pharaoh ruled Egypt from 1185 to 1153 BC. The concept of a funeral temple typically originated during the glorious era of the New Kingdom, 1550-1069 BC.

The ancient Egyptian name for Medinet Habu, in Arabic the “City of Habu” was Djamet, meaning “males and mothers.” Its holy ground was believed to be where the Ogdoad, the four pairs of first primeval gods, were buried. Medinet Habu was both a temple and a complex of temples dating from the New Kingdom.

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