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Where is the Luxor Temple located?

Luxor Temple located on the east bank of the Nile River in Luxor in southern Egypt, houses one of the most beautiful temples still standing. The Luxor Temple, a strikingly graceful monument in the heart of modern Luxor, is a mark of Ancient Egyptian civilization.
Unlike other Luxor temples, the Luxor Temple was built in dedication to the rejuvenation of kingship rather than adoration to a god or a god figure of the kings and pharaohs.

Many kings may have been crowned at the Temple of Luxor, whether in reality or conceptually, as in the case of Alexander the Great, who claimed he was crowned at Luxor despite the fact that he had never travelled south of Memphis, which is considered the modern city of Cairo.
The Luxor Temple is known in Egyptian as ipet resyt, which means the southern sanctuary; its main function was during the annual Opet festivals. The statues of Amun, Mut, and Khonsu were moved from Karnak temple along the Avenue of Sphinxes and reunited here during the flood.

Who Build Luxor Temple?

Pharaoh Amenhotep III, one of ancient Egypt’s great builders, began construction of the Luxor temple during the New Kingdom (1390-1352 BC), followed by Tutankhamun (1336-27 BC), Horemheb (1323-1295 BC), and finished by Rameses II (1279-13 BC).

The Luxor temple appears to be one of many projects commissioned by Ramesses II during his long reign. Many existing monuments were also repurposed by Ramesses II to enhance his own reputation. The statues and carvings that now adorn the temple are mostly of Ramses II.

What material is the Luxor Temple made of?

The Luxor Temple was built with Nubian sandstone blocks. The temple is surrounded by mud-brick walls that represent the separation of the world from the sacred realm of the gods. During the New Kingdom, the Temple’s design exhibited a set of common design features in temple construction. The Luxor Temple exhibits many of the characteristics associated with temple construction during the New Kingdom

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