Botanical Garden in Aswan

The 6.8 hectare Aswan Botanical Garden is home to thousands of exotic birds and plants that have been brought in from all over the world, including the Far East, India, and Africa. The Aswan Botanical Garden provides a lovely and distinctive getaway from the city. Walking through the garden, which is a veritable treasure trove of Egyptian artefacts, will transport you to an idyllic setting.

Lord Horatio Kitchener, who gave the island as a gift in appreciation for his work as the consul general of the Egypt Army under British control, ordered that the entire island be landscaped with rare and exotic plants.

Where can I find the Aswan Botanical Garden?

It is located west of Elephantine Island on Kitchener’s Island. It is one of two Nile islands immediately adjacent to Aswan’s city center.

Aswan Botanical Garden’s History

The Nubians settled in Aswan Botanical Garden, which they called Jet Narty. Lord Horatio Kitchener took the island in 1899 to be a resting place for his campaign and named it the Lord’s House, Lord Kitchener was an Egyptian Army commander.

Kitchener, who had a deep love of palm trees and plants, transformed the entire Kitchener’s Island into a stunning botanic garden. Later, the Egyptian government reclaimed the island, which is now known as the Aswan Botanical Gardens.

The Aswan Botanical Island is divided into 27 squares by intersecting vertical and horizontal lines, giving it the appearance of a chessboard. Exploring this island and all it has to offer is a fantastic experience. The Botanical Garden was transformed by the irrigation ministry in 1928 to include trees from all five continents. The island has a huge variety of plantations and trees, some of which were already there naturally before the island was turned into a botanical garden and others that were imported from various continents. There are several uncommon palm trees there, including the Royal Palm tree, the Sabal Palm tree, and the Phonic Pam tree.

Where is the Aswan Botanical Garden located?

The only way to get to the Aswan Botanical Garden in Kitchener’s Island is by boat; you can do this either by taking one of the public ferries that run between Aswan, Elephantine Island, and Kitchener’s Island or by hiring a private felucca tour while taking in the sights of this lovely section of the Nile River and cruising to an Egyptian Sunset.

There are three entrances on the Kitchener island. The northernmost part of the island is where the main entrance is. Enter the main gate, walk the entire length of the island until you reach the southern end, then book a felucca from there and ask the captain to wait for you at the other end for the best way to see the entire island without having to do much walking.

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