Alexandria Library Egypt

The Library of Alexandria, which is perched on the Alexandria Corniche, is a sizable and impressive example of 21st-century modern architecture, but the structure has a feel that is far older. As a significant initiative honouring Alexandria’s history as a historic hub of world learning and culture, the Library and Cultural Center debuted in 2002.

In the third century BC, the Great Library of Alexandria was established. It was founded not long after Alexander the Great transformed the city as Egypt’s new capital. It is regarded as one of the most significant contributions to the legacy of ancient Alexandria because it is thought that the Library and the larger educational institution to which it belonged, the Mouseion, were responsible for most of its preservation.

Alexandria Library
Alexandria Library

Although the precise date of the Great Library and Mouseion’s destruction is unknown, it is believed to have occurred at the start of Egypt’s Roman era (31 BC). The amount of historical knowledge lost in the library fire is unknown.
A contemporary complex aims to restore Alexandria’s once-brilliant intellectual light. The complex also includes many smaller specialty libraries, a conference center, an art gallery for ongoing and one-time exhibitions, and a planetarium, in addition to the library’s enormous and aesthetically magnificent main reading room and storage space, which can accommodate about 9 million books.

Characters from 120 different languages are utilized to embellish the building’s facade, signifying the richness of information from all over the world that previously resided in the Great Library.

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