Abydos Temple

Abydos was one of the most significant sacred sites for the ancient Egyptians and is located about 2.5 hours’ drive north of Luxor. The largest and most significant of the temples built here is known as the Temple of Seti I. Seti I was the father of the famous Ramesses II, who oversaw the most of the temple’s construction following his father’s demise.

Just 30 years after the unrest brought on by Akhenaten’s heretical leadership, known as the Amarna period, Seti I came to power and vowed to reestablish trust in the pantheon of gods that existed before Akhenaten’s assassination. I made an effort to salvage what might have been.


As a result, each of the great deities had a little chapel in the temples he constructed. The first two courtyards and several of the pylons of the temple complex are gone, and visitors now access the portico through doors. The decorations on the back of the temple, which were finished under Seti’s rule, are thought to be the best of any temple in all of Egypt. Many of the carvings on the inner walls are still in good condition.

Since Abydos is more difficult to get to than many locations, it is less congested. Sometimes buses from the Red Sea and beach resorts carry a large number of cruise ship passengers, but if you travel with enough time, you might be able to explore the temples alone.

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